We are certainly aware of the importance of Indonesia’s digital economy in driving the South East Asian ecosystem forward. The growing digital potential in a global scale allows internet connectivity to grow, hence the demand for digital products are increasing. And for Telkomsel, collaboration is key...

Collaboration is the perfect strategic approach to establish new products. This is a great opportunity for innovators to utilize Telkomsel's core legacy business. The goal is to establish a mutualistic relationship where Telkomsel gathers insights from startup ecosystem to enhance our product lines, and innovators will be facilitated with highly beneficial resources to achieve their growth.

Telkomsel is here to collaborate with you through Tinc (Telkomsel Accelerator Program) where we focus on developing digital innovation ecosystem. We gather and accommodate innovation through collaboration with local innovators to develop and innovate technologies that are more than ready for B2B and B2C commercialization.

If you want to be a part of a great digital innovation that brings real contribution and are waiting to collaborate with large corporation to support you with infrastructure development and funding, now is the right time to join Tinc!


Eko Seno Prianto Head of Telkomsel Innovation Center (Tinc)

Alek P. Nugraha Head of Innovation Management

Win Aufa Fidhuha Head of Product Management and Innovation Lab

Eggi Ahmad Hidayat Head of Innovation Sourcing

Andreas Vindyartono Head of Bootcamp and Co-Working Space

Rilanti Kamelia Head of Marcom and Community Engagement

Jengkar Budiawan Head of Policy and Governance

Anggito Ardinansyah Innovation Community Development

Karina Rizka Aulianti Marcom Specialist