List of tech business trends set to boom during and after the Covid-19 pandemic

The "new normal" becomes a  so common “concept” these days. Pandemic indeed redefines a variety of things, and that includes economics and business. It appears that several countries have begun to carry out plans to reopen economic activities, such as Europe and North America. When and before this happens, it's good to consider the situation that will determine the upcoming months.

The Covid-19 business period absolutely made the global economy go round and round, including digital technology-based businesses such as startups which became the backbone of the 4.0 industry. This pandemic crisis is and will be triggering some major changes, and among that, startups uncover their most common traits: agile and scalable.

Under current conditions—and afterward—pivoting seemed to be a natural maneuver to do. If your business is one of those who have experienced it—or even just started—try to consider five potential business sectors at a time when and after a pandemic.


The potential for on-demand service can be seen from how the community is recommended to minimize interaction with each other. Although on-demand transportation seems to be declining due to conditions, the available fleet cannot be maximized to in its potential.

One of the branches of on-demand services is delivery services, that is from a more macro perspective, the logistics technology sector has been extravagant for the last few years. From smaller scopes such as delivery within the city, business leaders may try to capture market share and trials with new customers.

Another sector is cleaning services. The Covid-19 curve is likely to be in line with the national demand for cleaning services. With a recommendation to continue maintaining environment sterilization, it is projected that there will be an increase in demand for additional services to disinfect all areas that have the potential to encourage the spread of Coronavirus. After pandemic ends, there will be high demand for ongoing cleanup at the new cleaning level. A niche for tech business players.


One of the most pronounced impacts of large-scale social restrictions is the increase of consumers in online purchases. Food purchases for daily needs are included, and to some agritech industry players, this seems to be a golden opportunity knowing that food is always required in any condition. This outbreak forces consumers to prefer to cook at home by themselves rather than buy ready-to-eat/instant food. Not only raw food material, herbs and products that are believed to increase the body's immunity are also thought to have increased by about 20%.


There is no rebuttal for this sector. The worldwide public health crisis in the 4.0 era has increasingly raised the adoption of digital services in the health sector. A paradigm shift will occur in the health tech ecosystem, in relation to how stakeholders implement digital tools. Even before the pandemic, Indonesia's digital health sector had attracted a lot of investment. Galen Growth Asia launched health platforms in Indonesia and Singapore to receive around 93% of USD 226 million in investments to improve the quality of health for the region.


How is your favorite big screen? How is the music concert going? What are sports like in the coming days? The surge in users of on-demand streaming platforms (such as videos, podcasts, esports streaming) is a reflection of how we will welcome the world of entertainment in the future.

In the end, a tremendous increase in the number of visitors/viewers will invite investors to support any startup player who can provide entertainment to the masses on a one-to-one basis.

Enterprise Mobility & Security

Work from Home, Learn from Home, and other recent "from home" jargons certainly are ubiquitous now. What is essential and interesting about this phenomenon is how the pandemic does not affect how we communicate with one another, particularly in the context of work. This is reflected in the enterprise mobility solution.

Both the edutech for teaching and learning activities and office operations in general, fundamentally the enterprise mobility solution is the foundation. When all that takes place over long distances, cyber-hacking attacks are like a scourge for the people. Recently, the industry is waiting for an innovation that is able to be the best version of networking solutions with video calls/conferences with high security for personal data.

It is clear that this crisis will wipe out many outdated practices, but many also continue beyond our expectations. The key to this new industry is to always adapt, and it can start with the startup you build.

Posted by TINC Admin