Mental Wellness in Startup Culture

The conditions of the world have been turbulent. With people experiencing calamities, pandemics, and other tragedies, the work environment is becoming increasingly competitive. These days, people experience more stress and anxiety in their lives than ever before. Some people use meditation apps, sign up for yoga sessions, or go traveling abroad. People seem to be constantly searching for peace in his heart.

However, have we ever thought, are mental health problems plaguing founders and entrepreneurs? With all the "terror" in developing a startup—for example, a crisis, a partner's abandonment, bankruptcy—it feels like sinking into depression is a big possibility for these business people.

Interestingly, the best place to start is leading by example, which means founders need to start opening up about their mental health issues. How to start a new culture for achieving a high level of mental wellness? Here are the steps.

Let go of negative influences

As a founder or team leader, start by approaching team members wholeheartedly, because the skills and talents they have are very valuable to the team. They are the ones who continue to provide the perfect job whenever it is needed.

However, as we go on, we will come across some people who are very critical of other employees. Gradually, it was the temperament of these people that discouraged almost everyone in the company. Some leaders are usually afraid to start candid conversations because of the criticism and arguments that do not make sense from these "critics". It is even more difficult if this “critic” position is part of a leader in a company who can severely slow down performance and affect other people's job satisfaction.

It's a tough decision, but we'd better let them go immediately. While we may be sympathetic to him, his departure, in the end, prevented the negativity from spreading to the rest of the team.

Promotes physical health

Years of research have shown that physical activity can reduce anxiety and depression for healthy adults. However, exercising regularly can be difficult, especially when starting a new company and experiencing high levels of stress.

With these circumstances, we can start encouraging team members to sign up for a gym, yoga, or ask them to jog in the morning/evening. Also, don't get bored reminding them to eat healthily and sleep well every day. If you're starting to worry about how to get the whole team motivated to achieve fitness goals, come back, leading by example.

We can initiate a feeling of well-being within the company by creating opportunities for regular exercise within the team. As a result, the opportunities for memory and creativity increase will be much higher, and all team members can feel more relaxed and positive about themselves and their lives.

Start intimate 1-on-1 communication

The most challenging part of managing employee mental health is managing the emotional ups and downs. It is very important to track the well-being of all team members, especially during the initial development of a startup business. Regular 1-on-1 meetings are invaluable for building relationships between us and the individuals we work with every day. Have lunch together, find time for coffee, or other forms of 1-on-1 communication that can build trust, increase productivity, and support team alignment and shared mental development.

Posted by TINC Admin