SMASH is an end-to-end innovator in waste management. It consists of platform, application, dashboard, and waste management marketplace. SMASH wants to include all community elements to support “Indonesia Bebas Sampah 2020” (Zero Waste Indonesia 2020) movement. SMASH’s main functionality and feature is to support waste bank (“bank sampah”) operation in various regions in Indonesia by segregating and filtering waste and turn them into digital money.


Banopolis is an innovator specialized in planning, designing, and implementation in transportation technology, especially non-motorized solution. One of its implementation is bike-sharing services with app. Four major components for its bike sharing system is mobile app, sensor-equipped bike, SmartLock to lock the bike, and RFID Parking Pole as where the bike will be returned and collected.


eFishery is an Internet of Things (IoT) innovator that help fish and shrimp farmers by providing automated smart feed. The eFishery device is designed to sow fish feeds based on designated time setting. The device is also equipped with sensors to detect water quality and weather conditions around the pond. The data is collected and compiled as a report to assist farmers in analyzing environmental condition.

Indi Tracking Remote Monitoring

Inditracking is an Internet-of-Things (IoT) innovator in providing end-to-end solution for telemetry, telecontrol, and telemonitoring. It consists of device (sensor), application (dashboard), and platform. Inditracking was established since 2013 with solution from Inditracking was implemented for moving and fixed assets.