Automated smart feeding for aquaculture

eFishery is an Internet of Things (IoT) innovator that help fish and shrimp farmers by providing automated smart feed. The eFishery device is designed to sow fish feeds based on designated time setting. The device is also equipped with sensors to detect water quality and weather conditions around the pond. The data is collected and compiled as a report to assist farmers in analyzing environmental condition.

The report is delivered intensively from eFishery devices to farmer’s computing devices, either via mobile app or web-based dashboard. Combined with machine learning algorithm, the data will further be utilized as predictive information for farmers.

Looking from market’s perspective, Indonesia is the world’s second largest country for fishery potential. At least more than 10 million ponds are cultivated nationwide by over 3 million fish farmers. eFishery tries to capture this opportunity by making the process more efficient. Based on field survey, it found out that 80% of total cost in fishery business is concentrated in feeding.

eFishery’s utilization can improve feeding efficiency up to 21%. Globally, that measure can save up $21 billion per year and help to increase farmer’s revenue and profit. Introducing subscription-based model, eFishery devices is expected to be affordable for majority of fish farmers in Indonesia, especially for small-medium scale farmers, as eFishery’s largest segmentation.

In Indonesia, eFishery has be installed at more than 1000 pounds. It also started pilot project in Bangladesh and Thailand. eFishery is co-founded by Gibran Huzaifah and Chrisna Aditya. Huzaifah has seven years of experience in fishery industry and marketing, while Aditya is a developer that previously co-founded Coolab software house.

Collaborated with Telkomsel Innovation Center (TINC), eFishery will explore further possibilities, including NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT) module for more effective connectivity. Market expansion with more mature business model and new market validation will utilized Telkomsel’s competence and wide consumer network.

Further information about eFishery: http://efishery.com