Indi Tracking Remote Monitoring

Inditracking is an Internet-of-Things (IoT) innovator in providing end-to-end solution for telemetry, telecontrol, and telemonitoring. It consists of device (sensor), application (dashboard), and platform. Inditracking was established since 2013 with solution from Inditracking was implemented for moving and fixed assets.

One of its implementation is Remote Tank Monitoring, an end-to-end IoT enabled solution to help manage and monitor bulk liquid inventory giving complete visibility over sites. The solution focuses on telemetry and tracking by utilizing durable sensor devices embedded with cellular connectivity and dedicated monitoring platform.

Remote Tank Monitoring Solution Topology

Main benefits from this remote tank monitoring are increase your business productivity from effective decision makings and achieve higher cost savings through operations process optimizations, inventory supply control, and predictive maintenance.

Through TINC incubation program, Inditracking will collaborate with Telkomsel to be able providing “Remote Tank Monitoring” solution which can be the potential solution for enterprise customer’s problem.

Web-dashboard Monitoring