Banopolis Bike-Sharing Transportation Solution

Banopolis is an innovator specialized in planning, designing, and implementation in transportation technology, especially non-motorized solution. One of its implementation is bike-sharing services with app. Four major components for its bike sharing system is mobile app, sensor-equipped bike, SmartLock to lock the bike, and RFID Parking Pole as where the bike will be returned and collected.

Banopolis has been started since 2012 in Bandung, followed by smart bike-sharing solution in Universitas Indonesia (Depok) in 2017. Its fourth generation services is supported by NB-IoT, enables each smart bike to communicate efficiently with the server.

Banopolis solution is targeting three main markets. The first is city area, where it will provide impact for city development and tourism. The second is education, to support mobility in campus environment. The last is private sector, like in amusement park or private property area.

Through TINC incubation program, Banopolis will collaborate with Telkomsel in several area. Business development is prioritized to power its bisnis commercialization. Also it will be supported with Telkomsel’s technology, NB-IoT connectivity and Tcash for payment solution.

Banopolis is co-founded by Anugrah Nurrewa and Imam Wiratmadja. Nurrewa holds bachelor degree for Transportation Architecture from ITB, while Wiratmadja is Universitas Padjajaran graduate that specialized in marketing and business. One of Banopolis’ important agenda in 2018 is to implement bike sharing facility to support the 18th Asian Games in Jakarta. Further information about Banopolis