SMASH Waste Management and Device System

SMASH is an end-to-end innovator in waste management. It consists of platform, application, dashboard, and waste management marketplace. SMASH wants to include all community elements to support “Indonesia Bebas Sampah 2020” (Zero Waste Indonesia 2020) movement. SMASH’s main functionality and feature is to support waste bank (“bank sampah”) operation in various regions in Indonesia by segregating and filtering waste and turn them into digital money.

According to recent data, Indonesia is one of the largest waste contributor in the world. It’s predicted 68 million tons of waste is contributed nationwide by 2019.

SMASH environment consists of four major parts. The first one is dashboard, a membership and accounting system. It’s currently managing 2800 users, 60% are daily active users. The second one is mySMASH, an Android app utilized by end user to find waste bank location and coordinate for waste collection. Through this app, user is able to convert its waste savings into electronic money.

The third one is eSMASH, an app to assist local government to gather report from waste bank, including waste statistics and waste truck management. eSMASH is in line with smart city initiative. The last one is LapakSMASH, a marketplace for those interested into collecting a part of segregated waste that can be recycled as new products.

SMASH’s operation has been supported by TINC and has delivered “Smart Bin” initiative. In this collaboration, SMASH focuses on delivering integrated services for waste management, while Telkomsel is assisting with IoT-powered waste collection.

SMASH is co-founded by Putra Fajar Alam and Addin Gama, both are ITB postgraduates in Computer Science. As of 2016, SMASH has received investment from Telkom, Bank Mandiri, and Panasonic.

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