Telkomsel IoT provides diverse solutions to take your business forward

Start your IoT experience today by ordering Iot Starter Kit to manage your device connectivity


1. Support your business model

View all assets by the parameters that matter to your business: employees, departments, divisions, devices etc.

2. Automate everything

Self-service control over service activations, turn on/off as needed and program service to be active for fixed periods of time.

3. Go to market faster

Self-automated provisioning for easier deployment and real-time monitoring of data consumption.

4. Automate problem resolution

Take automatic action on exception activity such as too much usage, fraudulent activity, lost assets etc. Be notified when a device consumes too much data, roams internationally or performs other exception activity.

5. Act on the strategic insight

Export detailed data to your preferred financial or business intelligence tools to gain insights.


1Lifecycle automation

A powerful automation engine to manage your devices by exception, reducing headcount and costs associated with ongoing operational support.

2Backend integration

A rich library of 100+ APIs makes it easy to manage devices, change rate plans and much more. Automate critical business processes and leverage our partnerships with various technology platforms.

3Global deployment capability

Supported by best and widest network to ensure your devices work anywhere they need to.

4Cost management controls

Near real-time cost monitoring and controls lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and eliminate unexpected spending.

5Monitoring and diagnostics

Near real-time diagnostics and analytics allow you to identify and respond to unusual device behavior before it becomes a problem.

6Comprehensive security

Multi-layered security controls safeguard your customer data, devices and IT systems.