Accelerating Indonesia’s IoT Ecosystem through Telkomsel Innovation Center (TINC)

27 July 2018

Conducting TINC Forum & Exhibition and launching the first NB-IoT Lab in Indonesia as part of TINC

Jakarta –  Telkomsel strengthened its seriousness in developing the Internet of Things (IoT) by launching the Telkomsel Innovation Center (TINC) program. This program summarizes various activities in shaping the IoT Indonesia ecosystem, in the form of providing IoT laboratories, mentoring and bootcamp programs with expertise in IoT, as well as networking access for startups, developers, and system integrators with related industry players.

Telkomsel’s Vice President of Corporate Planning Andi Kristianto said, “IoT is one of the important elements to support the Indonesian government's "Making Indonesia 4.0" roadmap. Telkomsel consistently continues to improve the readiness of technology and networks to cope with the growing trend of IoT globally.”

“TINC is initiated to create an advanced IoT ecosystem, which can support the creation of commercial products that are also worth selling in the business for the community. This is in line with our vision for digital transformation and has always been at the forefront of implementing the latest mobile technology developments that will provide substantial benefits to the people of Indonesia in the future”, Andi said.

Telkomsel is fully aware that collaboration is very crucial for the ecosystem development. As the market leader in telco industry, Telkomsel is committed to participate actively in the development of IoT in Indonesia. By initiating TINC, Telkomsel open a wide opportunity for the innovators to collaborate with Telkomsel, providing access to Telkomsel’s market and retail partners, as well as funding initiation up to the product commercialization stage.

 “TINC will be involved with the innovators such as startups, developers, or system integrators, from the product development stage to commercialization. TINC also provides various other supports such as connectivity, sim card, development kit and IoT Lab facility. Collaboration will further promote partnership between innovators and Telkomsel that will generate new IoT product solution for the community”, added Andi.

TINC is expected to be the platform for hundreds innovators in the country. In a year, TINC has produced several NB-IoT (Narrowband Internet of Things) based business solutions.

IoT solutions that are initiated from the TINC incubation stage are bike sharing at University of Indonesia (collaboration with Banopolis), automatic fish feeder/aqua culture solution for farmers (collaboration with eFishery), and smart bin waste management (collaboration with SMASH). While some other business solutions that will soon ready for commercialization are smart metering and remote tank monitoring.

"Together with our partners, we will continue to grow the IoT business that brings solutions to industry and community needs. IoT has revolutionized lifestyles and combines the physical world with the digital world, which further offers new opportunities and challenges for business, government and individual consumers”, Andi added.

Telkomsel Innovation Center (TINC) Conference & Exhibition

TINC is launched in TINC Conference & Exhibition in Balai Kartini, Jakarta. This event is held to build awareness about IoT benefit, and was attended by startups in IoT industry, developers (hardware maker, system integrator & enterprise), IoT practitioners, regulators and college students who are interested in developing IoT. This event was conducted to build IoT awareness for enterprises and to improve IoT knowledge and skill for developers and startups.

One of the main agendas in TINC Conference & Exhibitions is a panel discussion with Minister of Industry Republic of Indonesia Airlangga Hartanto as a keynote speaker. Participants also had the opportunity to attend classes that featured speakers on various topics such as Platform Analytics, Device Makers, and Connectivity.

Telkomsel also introduced the first NB-IoT Lab in Indonesia. This lab is a facility made for TINC innovators to utilize NB-IoT connectivity as well as to do trials for their IoT products.

"The IoT Lab offers an ecosystem that gathers developers, innovators, and industry players to work together and face real challenges by incorporating IoT communities into the real commercial world. We believe that collaboration and partnerships are key to success in supporting our main focus in building the IoT ecosystem towards Indonesia 4.0”, said Andi.