Danone-AQUA, Alfamart, Telkomsel and Smash Develop a Smart Drop Box Innovation to Manage Plastic Bottle Waste

13 May 2018

Jakarta, May 13, 2018 – Supported by The Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Danone-AQUA, Alfamart, Telkomsel and Smash launched Smart Drop Box (SDB) in Car Free Day (CFD).  SDB is a smart garbage bin that equipped with barcode scanner for plastic bottle. The bin is connected to MySmash application which function is to help its users to record numbers of collected bottle trash and the point rewards that later can be used for online transaction.  Users need to first install the app to their smartphones, then scan the barcode on the trash bottle. After the discarded bottle be discarded into the SDB, TCASH point will then automatically credited and recorded on the app as reward. TCASH itself is Telkomsel’s e-money that now is available as payment tool in thousands of me.

In the last decade, plastic has been the most popular material in the world where its use has increased 20 times in the last 50 years. Based on research from Waste Flow Analysis, Value Chain and Recycling in Indonesia (Analisis Arus Sampah, Rantai Nilai dan Daur Ulang di Indonesia) conducted by Sustainable Waste Indonesia (SWI) in 2017, it is estimated that as many as 1,3 million tons of plastic waste pollute the environment every year, including those in the oceans. By 2050, it is predicted that there will be more plastic waste in the ocean than fish that live in it, whereas plastic waste can be the raw material of other products if recycled.

Vice President of Danone Indonesia's General Secretary, Vera Galuh Sugijanto, said the cooperation will encourage the growth of plastic wise society. "We hope that with the Smart Drop Box, people will be motivated to collect and sort their plastic waste. It is also intended to educate consumers that plastic waste can be recycled and have economic value, as well as significantly contributing to the solution of waste problem in Indonesia. This program is also part of Danone-AQUA's commitment to become a 100% circular company. We are targeting that by 2030 we can collect plastic waste more than we use it," added Vera.

Vice President of Corporate Planning Telkomsel, Andi Kristianto said, “Smart Drop Box proves that technology, especially IoT, is very useful in supporting environmental sustainability, and in improving the quality and productivity of life. IoT innovation implementation in Smart Drop Box is part of Telkomsel's effort in accelerating the formation of IoT ecosystem in Indonesia, as IoT develops rapidly in the future. This is in line with Teklkomsel’s vision for digital transformation, which is why we always strive to be at the forefront of  the latest mobile technology developments that will provide substantial benefits to Indonesia in the future.”

Director of Waste Management, Directorate General of Waste Management, Garbage and Hazardous Toxic Materials (PSLB3) KLHK. Dr. Novrizal Tahar said that the ministry continues to encourage waste reduction efforts by producers and to give appreciation to collaborations made between Telkomsel, Danone and Alfamart by utilizing technology to simplify the process. 

Through the development of Smart Drop Box is a best use case that should be replicated by other companies, so that waste issues can be managed from upstream to downstream.

Through the SDB initiative, Danone-AQUA, Alfamart, Telkomsel and Smash collaborated to build an integrated PET plastic bottle waste management model, involving the active role of consumers in the early process of recycling. Smash as an application developer plays a role to design and operate online system installed in SDB and mySmash applications used by customers. Smash, which stands for Online Waste Management System (Sistem Online Manajemen Sampah), is an integrated application platform for waste management throughout Indonesia.