Telkomsel and UI Implement The First NB-IoT Bike Sharing Innovation

14 March 2018

Telkomsel Launches The First Commercial NB-IoT in Indonesia

Depok – Telkomsel becomes the first in Indonesia to launch the NB-IoT (Narrowband Internet of Things) technology commercially. The trial implemented for the bike sharing concept at Universitas Indonesia (UI) is a part of Telkomsel’s efforts to accelerate the IoT ecosystem setup and its implementation in Indonesia, as IoT grows rapidly in the future.

NB-IoT is a new telecommunications technology specially designed for a more efficient communication between machines that are more massive with wider network coverage of telecommunications as well as a more efficient use of power on user devices. The NB-IoT radio access technology, which is one type of Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) network technology, enables devices to operate for years without recharging the battery to make it easier to operate with better customer experience. The technology with the same coverage can serve other multiple IoT solutions and applications at the same time.

President Director of Telkomsel Ririek Adriansyah said, “Telkomsel consistently improves technology and network readiness to cope with the growing IoT trend globally. Today we demonstrate how NB-IoT technology can connect millions of sensor to enhance business productivity and quality of life. This is in line with our vision of digital transformation and we commit to always be at the forefront of implementing the latest developments of mobile technology. It will provide significant benefits to the people of Indonesia in the future.”

Ririek further explained, “This bike sharing trial is a part of our NB-IoT technology development to complement the previously implemented IoT technology as a continuation of existing service innovations, such as Telkomsel FleetSight and Connectivity Control Center Platform.”

In collaboration with UI as one of the leading educational institutions in Indonesia, Telkomsel demonstrates the development of the first bike sharing system trial in Indonesia that utilizes NB-IoT technology. Bike sharing is a concept of bicycle lending service to the public within a certain time from one point of location to another. The technology applied in the ecosystem of yellow bikes (Spekun) on the UI Depok campus is the fourth plus (4+) generation of bike sharing system, which is a refinement of the fourth one. This is a revolution of the previous generation of manual bike sharing system.

UI Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir. Muhammad Anis, M.Met., in his speech said that UI is proud to be the first campus to implement this 4+ generation of bike sharing system. "To realize the vision of smart & green campus, the application of technology on public transportation type such as Spekun indeed plays an important role. As one campus that provides a complete ecosystem of bicycle transportation, we are happy to accept the implementation of the latest technology from Telkomsel,” he said.

The concept offered in this 4+ generation bike sharing is app-based bicycle lending, supported with radio-frequency identification (RFID)-based parking poles or docks. It makes the smart bikes can only be parked at certain parking pole or dock. The use of the application allows consumers to borrow a bicycle, while the special parking takes care of the security and neatness of the bike parking.

The Spekun app used in the bike sharing system comes with smart lock device embedded in the bike. This system is compatible with NB-IoT connectivity technology that allows all Spekun to communicate with the server efficiently and it makes overall operation run more effectively. From the user side, the use of this application allows users to track the availability of the number of Spekun in the dock closest to the user.

At trial, users will be required to install and open the Spekun bike sharing application first. The apps will automatically detect the user's location and the nearest bike sharing pole along with the availability of the bike at the poles. The user will lock and unlock the bike using the app as well.

The bike sharing solution is a collaboration between Telkomsel, Banopolis as the bike sharing system provider and Huawei as the NB-IoT network infrastructure and technology provider. The bike sharing trial uses NB-IoT radio access technology that fully meets 3GPP standards and operates at 900 MHz frequency. For the initial phase, the bike sharing service at UI will have three bike share stations, 20 bicycles, and 40 parking poles or docks.