Telkomsel NB IoT Network Officially On Air in Jakarta

30 November -0001

Jakarta, 30th October 2018 -Good news for Indonesian innovators, currently Telkomsel has officially built an NB IoT network that is spread across all Jakarta area, for innovators who want to develop solutions using this reliable IoT technology, the presence of IoT NB networks that cover the entire Jakarta area certainly is good news for innovators at the end of this year.

IoT trend is now growing globally. Therefore, Telkomsel consistently improves technology and network readiness as our effort to accelerate IoT ecosystem development in Indonesia. This effort is a form of our support for the Indonesian government's roadmap, ‘Making Indonesia 4.0’ in order to enter the era of ‘Industry 4.0’, where technological mastery, especially information and communication technology is the key determinant for Indonesia's competitiveness. This is also in line with our vision as a digital telco company to always be at the forefront in implementing the latest developments of mobile technology to advance the nation.

Now, Telkomsel has released NB IoT commercial use case with State Electricity Company (PLN DISJAYA) implement narrow band Internet of Things (NB-IoT) with smart metering of electrical energy, which then called Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI). This is the first commercial NB-IoT AMI in South East Asia. 

NB-IoT is a new telecommunications technology specially designed for a more efficient communication between machines that are more massive with wider network coverage of telecommunications up to two times larger than GSM. This technology is able to produce massive connection capacity for IoT-based solutions and applications at the same time. Based on data from GSMA (3GPP), 1 BTS NB-IoT can connect up to 300,000 connected devices. This technology also allow a more efficient use of power on user devices NB-IoT radio access technology, which is one type of Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) network technology, enables power optimization so that the device can operate for up to 10 years without recharging the battery. 

Telkomsel now already build NB IoT coverage in Jakarta, Bandung, Indramayu, Cengkareng, Depok and Cirebon and soon to other locations align with potential markets and use cases.

For innovators who have solutions and want to try the reliability of NB IoT network, they can visit the Telkomsel NB IoT Lab on 19th floor of Telkomsel Smart Office Jakarta or in Bandung Digital Valley by first registering at, every valuable ideas will get the opportunity to have a co-development with TINC Program and experience the benefits including engagement with Telkomsel’s enterprise customer.