TINC Spread the Spirit of Collaboration at Ideafest 2018

26 October 2018

Jakarta, 26 October 2018 - Through the Ideafest 2018 event, TINC spread the spirit of collaboration among the Indonesia creative industries the advancement of Indonesia's digital ecosystem. In addition, the event that took place on 26-27 October 2018 also became a 'showcasing' solution for innovators who joined TINC to support the Making Indonesia 4.0 government roadmap.

Telkomsel President Director, Ririek Adriansyah said, "Our support, in IdeaFest 2018, is based on the same vision of providing a place for young people to support creative economic growth in Indonesia through the use of technology. We continue to encourage the creative generation to continue looking for inspiration so that they can continue working and have a positive social impact in the society. "

This event presents incubation solutions from TINC Batch 2 innovators at Telkomsel Experience Zone booth with a focus on agritech solutions, including precision agriculture, water quality treatment, and livestock. The new innovator joining Batch 2 TINC are Mertani(precision agriculture soil sensor for plantation), Habibi Garden(precision agriculture and automation system for green house and open agricultural land), Jala (water quality solution), Fishgator (water treatment solution) , Calty Farm(cow health and location montoring) and Bantu Ternak(cattle health and location monitoring).

"Telkomsel's innovation is part of an effort to accelerate the digital ecosystem in Indonesia, which is in accordance with the Indonesian government's roadmap, 'Making Indonesia 4.0' in order to enter the 4.0 industrial revolution. Therefore by presenting it in the Telkomsel Experience Zone, Telkomsel hopes to encourage the innovations from our creative generation that help developing the country, improve the capabilities of young people and foster business independence through digital technology, "said Ririek.

"Telkomsel also invites startups, creators and Indonesian creative people to move together through ideas and innovations through the TINC program to provide benefits to people's lives, we will accommodate them through a process of guidance, scaling capability to the opportunity of commercialization and partnership with Telkomsel," Ririek concluded .