TINC Batch 4 Kick Off Bootcamp

Posted 22 Mar 2020 by tinc Admin

The organizer of the Telkomsel Innovation Center (TINC) Batch 4 agenda has arrived at the bootcamp session, which has been held from January 27 - January 31, 2020.

This program has succeeded in gathering 23 participants and 9 selected startups, all of whom come from different backgrounds but are united with the great aim of building a better Indonesian digital ecosystem.

Quoting remarks from Tinc founder Andi Kristianto, the bootcamp is a warm-up session towards an incubation and acceleration program for 6 months, which prepares innovators to grow and succeed in the future.

During the bootcamp, the nine participants were given a series of materials from 14 competent facilitators.

At the end of the activity, there was an interesting discussion there was an interesting discussion about growth hacking that was delivered by Andin Rahmana from Purwadika Startup School.

"Keep in mind that growth hacking is not just about day to day ideation, but also a combination of content and technology," he said.

According to Andin, growth hacking is a technology-based company strategy (startup) in optimizing digital assets owned, so that business develops in a positive direction. Because inevitably a growth hacker must be prepared to work on a variety of power and efforts so that the public is increasingly familiar with the products offered.

"There are two initial stages to initiate yakti growth hacking: (1) setting segmentive targets, which can later determine suitable products for consumers (2) Determine the touch points of products and services favored by consumers" Andin concluded.