Just like a car which consist of several subsystem designed by different specialized teams (internal of partners) who commonicate with each other all throughout the design process.

... an API is a software brick that allows someone to share data, content and functionalities (i.e. using one or several bricks). The services built can use one or several APIs from the same or different API providers.

Telkomsel Offers Capabilities of Telco API to Create New Opportunities

We Open our APIs for public through portal with flexible business models

What is DigiHub ?

Keeping the concept of aggregation and openness, the DigiHub aggregates abundantAPIs and exposes the APIs to API consumers. Meanwhile, the DigiHub provides self-services of API package subscription and utilization, functioning as a one-stop service platform for App development.

Our Values

1Convergence Of Massive Quality Resources

The DigiHub aggregates abundant Internet and telecom capabilities. By providing high-quality and rich resources, and stable and reliable services, the DigiHub is presented for App developers as a highly efficient and reliable capability platform.

2Real-Time Knowledge About API Invocation

Massive invocation data is displayed in rich and simple reports to help App developers monitor the App utilization information accurately in real time.

Our Partners Around The World